Covid-19 Guidelines

Food and Beverage

  • Our patio is open for dining. Take-out and ‘To Go’ available. 250- 675-2315 ext 2
  • Tap credit card, debit card is preferred.
  • Staff wear gloves and regular hand washing.
  • A plexiglass safety guard has been installed to ensure safety between staff and customers.
  • The Restroom is open in the Grill and disinfected regularly.

  • Masks are required when inside both the Pro Shop and the Duffer’s Den.
  • Vaccination Passports are required to both dine inside Duffer’s Den and outside on the patio.
  • Please remain seated at your designated tables and please do not stand up to mingle with other guests at their tables.

Clubhouse and Golf Operations

  • Signs are posted for Social Distancing outside the pro shop.
  • Tee times have been increased to 10 minute intervals.
  • Golfers are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes before their tee time.
  • Online and phone booking and payment available and recommended.
  • Pro shop is marked with yellow lines to stand behind to insure safe distances; masks are required when inside the Pro Shop.
  • Tap credit card, and debit card is preferred.
  • Counter is cleared of merchandise items and disinfected regularly
  • A greeter at the door will check in members and prepaid golfers and direct them to the tee.
  • Maximum two customers only in the shop at a time.
  • No club rentals.
  • No handshakes, high fives etc.
  • Sanitize Station at the entrance to the Shop. Plexiglass installed between staff and customer.
  • Sanitizing counter areas and credit machine after each customer.
  • Washrooms on and off the course are sanitized throughout the day.
  • One person per power cart, unless they reside at the same residence.
  • Golf carts and push carts are sanitized after each use.
  • The cups are removed from the putting greens and practise area.
  • No ball washers, rakes, water fountains.
  • No touching the flag stick.
  • The cup will be raised and a foam block on the top to prohibit the ball from entering the cup.
  • Sanitizing Station outside washrooms.

Driving Range

  • Every other stall is closed at the Driving Range.
  • Baskets are to be returned to a bucket for sanitization. Option to bring your own basket.
  • Hand sanitization station at the Driving Range.
  • Balls are sanitized after each pick up.
  • All bag holders have been removed.